Johann Georg Pisendel - Sonata c-moll

Verrukkelijke Barokmuziek; schitterend!
Johann Georg Pisendel - 1687-1755
This German Baroque musician and composer, who has been ignored, was a remarkable individual. Pisendel was one of the leading violinists for the Dresden Court Orchestra. His devotion to carry on his musical and performance duties is certainly a trait to be admired.
It's worth mentioning that Pisendel took lessons and studied with Antonio Vivaldi during his stay in Venice during 1716-1717. The two musicians developed a profound relationship which went beyond than the typical Teacher-Student acquaintance. Pisendel was allowed to copy several works directly from Vivaldi and even received some original manuscripts as presents directly from the Italia n master. Pisendel did not take advantage of Vivaldi's works but rather made sure that these works were secured with pride in the repertory of the court orchestra. Vivaldi went even as far as composing works dedicated to Pisendel. But Vivaldi was not the only composer with whom Pisendel came into close contact. J.S. Bach, Telemann and Albinoni also dedicated works to Pisendel as well, at the same time these co mposers admired Pisendel for his success as an orchestral director. It was said that the precision with which Pisendel worked was remarkable. Before a new musical piece was to be performed, Pisendel would go through every orchestral part adding detailed expression marks.
It seems to me, therefore, that Pisendel was a man who possessed tremendous characteristics as a musician and as a human being. His commitment and dedication to his orchestral duties were definitely something to take note of. Consequently, prominent Baroque composers such as Vi valdi, Bach and Telemann had solid reasons to admire and to enter into close relationship with this outstanding German Baroque composer.

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